HELLLLLLLLOOOOOO! Just popping in briefly to say that I’m neck deep in the new Megoracle and that soon this very page you are looking at will be pulled down altogether for a few days and then re-erected wearing a brand new get-up with all sorts of happy changes.

In the meantime I have been working on a few other fun projects including rehearsing for THIS SHOW at which I will be singing a few ditties. I can’t say anymore about it because frankly I almost do wees in knickers on account of nervous excitement (mostly nerves because I don’t want to let anyone down and because somehow I’ve bluffed my way onto a stage with lots of amazing people and it is possible things will come horribly unstitched). Some days I want to say come along and watch and other less confident days I want to say nothing about it at all. Thankfully they spelled my name wrong in the program (a sure sign I am not highly sought after and revered) so if it goes pear shaped, it wasn’t me, it was someone called Meg Bignall.

In other news, I am very excited to have finally found a little headquarters from which to work after school drop off so I don’t have to hightail it all the way home every day and widen my already generous carbon footprint. In order to secure it, my fellow writer friend and I had decided to approach the local Catholic priest this afternoon after gathering the children. We peeked our heads into the church, both of us feeling slightly inadequate and decidedly lacking in faith in light of our appeal to the church for writing space. It was empty. We poked in a little further and I was just considering calling out “Father?” or “Vicar, are you in the vestry?” or some such charming village expression when a male voice suddenly boomed at us from the rafters. Both of us jumped and looked to the heavens before realising that it was actually the school headmaster loudspeakering instructions to his staff. I gasped and mouthed, “Oh my God! I thought it was GOD!” and my friend said, “So did I!” Then we spluttered a bit until we were outside again, where we laughed. A lot.

We found Father T, we phoned him, which is far less romantic than meeting him in the cloisters. And he said yes! He was very interested to hear what sort of writing we do, which means we will have to do some. As opposed to talking a lot about writing and not doing any, which is what we are best at.

So anyway, that’s where I’m at. I miss you all. I really do. I lost my voice a little while ago and I felt very low, realising that I had no voice and a megoracle in hiatus. Incommunicado and a bit depressioso. I had to mime getting cross with the children, which would in hindsight have been pretty funny but at the time was NO LAUGHING MATTER.

So what I’m trying to say is, I’ll most definitely be back. Soon.

M xxxx

PS I have been reading poetry, which I HIGHLY recommend for souls slightly lost, or for anysoul really.

Here’s a bit of one I ADORE, Wishes and Stars by Ben Okri:

Everyone seems so certain
Everyone knows who they are
Everyone’s got a mother and a father
They all seem so sure they’re going far
They all got more friends than they can use

Except me cause I’m a fool
I’m as simple as a bee
As a melody in C
But it don’t matter
There are more wishes than stars

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  1. Hi Meg, please keep all the archives in your new website as there are still so many I haven’t got around to reading yet and some are so goddam informative

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