Things That Get Me Through

I am living through possibly the busiest time of my life. We’re about to move out of one house (and leave it in a civilized state) whilst trying to finish another house that we’ve built to move into, it’s nearing Christmas which brings social occasions, obligations, cards, shopping and general panic. I have deadlines to meet and two end of year concerts to prep for and get to. And this on top of the normal busy-mum-washing-cooking-cleaning type stuff. I sort of know how Father Christmas feels.

I don’t have time for my dear blog and you my dear readers. I should be asleep or writing a list or wrapping a present (last week’s birthday presents).

But I’m here, because I just want to quickly share the two main things that help me from going completely bonkers, and that really are the most important things in the world, no matter what Father Christmas might bring.

1) My friends. Today, one of them came and helped me hang wallpaper. And when I say hang, I mean stick it on the ceiling. I know, this is slightly bonkers but I just love that pressed metal look and I rashly bought some ANAGLYPTA (love that word) paper and some paste and thought I could set the world on fire with my wallpapering skills.

It was a nightmare. The glue went lumpy, the paper went pulpy and fragile and lining up those patterns was a total fucking bastard. Plus my friend and I kept getting distracted by important bits of conversation that demanded our attention immediately (like “What are you doing for your birthday?” and “Is that a pube there on the floor?” and stuff) but kept us from other important details like MEASUREMENTS. It resulted in us using a little more paper and a little more time than expected but who cares because I love the end result, no pressed metal ceiling is perfect and we had fun. I’ll take fun over a perfect ceiling anyday. Thank you Dom. xx

2) My Family. Starting with my husband who put up with Dom and I laughing our heads off all day and almost buggering up the wallpaper while he dealt with important structural and administrative details.

Then there were my children, two of whom brought home some art work in one of those end of year bulk bonuses that you have to carry up the hill from the bus. But I love those art works, I learn something from them every time. This lot included:

  • A painted clay model of a tiger eating a deer, which at first I mistook for a pair of those creepy beetles who walk around attached at the bum (just googled  them – they are largus bugs and they are mating when joined together – eww).
  • A painting of a dead budgie.
  • A metallic robot wearing headphones.
  • A negotiated study on tigers that informed me that all white tigers are inbred.

And my youngest daughter informed me that her (occasional) imaginary friend Gemma farted. I said I couldn’t smell anything but was told that no, I wouldn’t, because the fart was also imaginary and only detected because Gemma had done it “RIGHT IN MY FACE, so I FELT IT Mum.” Needless to say, because I love most things fart, I laughed for a good while.

That aside, my wonderful mother in law has offered to feed the children for the next few days so I can get stuff done. Yipee! That’s what I’m talking about.

3) I know I said two things but I must make mention of the book I am reading – David Walch’s autobiography, “Bone of Fact”, which is often a bit over my head but a BRILLIANT distraction for an overcrowded brain. Nothing like a visit into another overcrowded brain to calm down. I’m almost finished and it’s a fascinating read.

So there we are, I must sleep, and I must apologise for the lack of any stimulating or vaguely intelligent postage of late. Don’t expect anything too non-silly anytime soon.

And I’m sorry if I’ve been late for you/forgotten you/ignored you recently – it’s not you, it’s me.

M xx




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