From me to you: “HORMONES, THE MUSICAL”

Here’s my surprise… SURPRISE! “Hormones, The Musical” –  online and all yours my friends.

You may have already seen it and are now feeling let down by the surprise after all my build up – sorry about that. I should have had a sub-surprise for you like a free copy of something profound or a picture of a bottom (not enough bottom pictures in the world I don’t think).

But anyway, bottoms aside, Hormones, The Musical is now live and yours to watch, like (or otherwise), laugh at (or otherwise) and share (please share).

I – along with a bunch of fabulous people – made this film last year basically inspired by my pre-menstrual experiences and the upheavals they present to myself and my family every month. It’s exaggerated of course – I actually turn into a sort of angel figure when I’m pre-menstrual. And I NEVER fart.

Special thanks to all the cast and crew of Hormones (particularly Dominique Hurley and Abi Binning), Wide Angle Tasmania and Screen Australia.

It was broadcast on ABC2 a little while ago and will come back to ABC i-view at some stage, but we’re giving it to you to keep. You’re welcome.

Please share it with your friends and family – we worked so hard on it and even if you don’t like the film much, you’d be helping a film community be seen and heard and maybe help them stay in work because we’d love to make more and we have so many stories to tell that will make you cry a little bit maybe but mostly make you laugh and bring you joy and perhaps the feeling that you’re not the only one that’s a bit crazy and maybe you’re not a bad mother/person for thinking and feeling the things you do and behaving the way you behave and maybe there’s no such thing as normal anyway and who wants to be normal because normal is ordinary and ordinary is usually pretty boring unless it’s apple pie because you don’t want reinvented, tizzed up, silly apple pie you just want ordinary apple pie but you’re not apple pie you’re human and silly is pretty appropriate for most human scenarios – TAKE BREATH – so in short, PLEASE SHARE THIS FILM WITH YOUR FRIENDS, we’d be eternally grateful for your support and good sportage. Thank you.

(For your ultimate viewing experience and because the film is shot in High Definition, it’s best to watch this in a resolution of 720p – unless you prefer me blurry which of course may be preferable. If you would like to change the resolution, you need to watch it from my youtube channel  You can change the resolution by clicking on the little cog icon at the bottom right of the screen and selecting the high definition resolution which is 720 p. Thanks for your help with this Craige).



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2 replies

  1. Definitely having fun! xx

  2. Watched this in our rainy anchorage off Palawan Island (Philippines) and laughed A LOT. Thank you Meg and Team!

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