WTF Friday (Round 2)

Just a quick what the fuck Friday today, which would make it a quickie what the fuck.

Off we go…

WTF is with those real estate signs that say, “Selling”? What’s wrong with good old “For Sale”? Are they trying to get the buyer to be all, “Hurry up honey, make a decision, it’s selling” ?

Come onnnnn, hurry up, I'm selling I'm selling.

Come onnnnn, hurry up, I’m selling I’m selling.


And then there’s this – is it just me or is this inappropriate, actually disturbing?


This is on the back of one of my husband’s dairy farming magazines. Which copywriter chose to use the word “hot” in relation to dairy cows with their udders and rumps on proud display? One with a disturbing sense of humour and/or serious issues I would think. And while we’re on that picture, who says fluffed up tail ends make cows more, well attractive? Do those cows even know their images are being used so gratuitously? I think not.

And while we’re on female bits, here’s what I noticed in the chemist the other day: Good old feminine itching cream (Doctor doctor my feminine is itchy) is no longer called Vagisil but Validosil.


Evidently “vag” is not attractive (while fluffy tail ends on cows are) and we the weaker sex need to know we (and our bits) are valid, even if they are itchy. Well sorry marketers but I don’t have a valid, I have a VAGINA, sometimes called a VAG and every day I see at least 3 (small, human but GIANT to be pushing from a vagina) reasons why it is valid thank you very much.

Anyway, that’s it from me, have a lovely weekend.


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