I think I believe in re-incarnation. I’m not Buddhist or Hindu or Taoist; my theories are not so well formed or religion-rooted. It was always less a theory and more a distant sense that a consciousness/awareness doesn’t disappear when a person stops breathing. I know, I sound bonkers. I’ve tried to be all rational and make myself unbelieve it but the idea just kept popping up at random moments, sometimes in a bit of a jolty way, so I tried to find something that might validate my belief without getting too bogged down in religion or becoming all the more bonkers for it. I was a bit scared I might be lead to the bible and that some obscure passage would speak to me and I’d spend the rest of my Sundays getting all sing-sing-clappy-clap with the Lord.

But no, I found some naturalist (not to be confused with nudey naturists) theories grounded in physics (well ok, metaphysics) that started ringing some bells. I’m still vague on it despite wading through the molasses of words and I don’t want to go too far into it because it hurts my brain and will possibly switch yours right off me for good, but I found a paper and a chapter of a book that kind of backed up my vague-weird ideas with theirs. At least I’m not alone.

Both authors agree that death doesn’t interrupt awareness, just changes its context; that there is no such thing as nothing and that, “Dying is the radical refreshment of subjectivity rather than the extinction of subjectivity” (T. Clarke). Yay, we don’t die, we just get radically refreshed – in another living body, a different personality with different preferences and expectations, all with the capacity for a completely different set of experiences.

I’m hoping I live in the Swiss Alps, hate ice cream, love quinoa, can do 20 push ups and brilliant impersonations and have wavy hair.

My dear friend’s grandfather died yesterday. She is very sad. My thinking is that already he’s been born again – on the Cornish coast to parents who have wished and wished for a baby and want nothing but to make him happy and teach him the ways of the sea. Meantime, everyone back here will remember him with love and keep his old personage going strong. Ah the world works in wonderful ways.

Anyway, all this has been a forethought of late mainly because this week is DONATE LIFE week, which is when we all need to get on with registering as an organ donor if we’ve been meaning to, or to think about it and the people it might save, or to talk earnestly with our families about it.


Courtesy National Association of Organ Transplant, Belgium

Romantically speaking, donating organs is another way to live on – well for bits of you to live on anyway. Personally I love the thought of giving my heart away (sorry Harem Scarem), and all my other give-able bits. What fun they might have without me. In the US, about 20 people die per day waiting for an organ (I can’t find a similar Australian statistic, why? It seems silly to get all gentle about the hard facts, they are often the compelling ones).

So hop to it – think about it, talk about it, do something about it. Off you go, you might cark tomorrow and up to 10 people will miss out on your fabulous bits. If you regret not doing it then you’ll end up in ghostie-limbo trying to convince people to take your dried up organs.

Like this poor accursed banshee:

Have you done it yet? Thought, talked, registered? Do it, spread the word. Last year saw the most people saved by organ donation in Australia ever, let’s beat it this year. And if we’re talking reincarnation, what better karma could there be than saving people’s lives with your organs? You can be as naughty or dastardly as you like in life; just donate your organs upon death and woosh! up you go the karma ladder. Wins all ’round.

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  1. I’m on the cards to donate everything left that works except my eyes…no one is allowed to be complimented on how nice my eyes are…were. anyhoo just so you know, donating organs being such an incredible gift for the few that need it can be hindered by immediate family because of the laws of Vito. Whether or not you’ve instructed your family of your wishes they have the ultimate say so after you’ve been radically refreshed. So be sure to make certain they all understand the importance to you for you to be passed around to those in need… and it’s a lovely oracle meg xXxX

  2. Thank you for reminding everyone. Our son was an organ donor. Two strangers can now see the world as he did. It’s a wonderful thought.
    Our daughter will require an organ and as Prudence said, please tell all your family your wishes, then threaten them with whatever frightens them the most, should they reneg!!! 🙂

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