There’s surely a lot of intelligent things to say about the love-hate relationship parents (ok, I) have with school holidays (re-named hollerdays on account of me having to be being a bit shouty at times – I know they say shouting is a no-no but seriously they’d never hear me above their racket if I didn’t shout). Anyway I’m not going to get all psychological about it, instead I’m going to get silly and share a poem about it instead.

Then sing it:

School Holidays

It’s the end of the school holidays.

I can’t pretend to be all that dismayed.

It’s been brilliant – we’ve been boating,

Laughing, dancing, fishing, floating,

But please tell me the school bus is on its way.

It’s been lovely having all this time with you.

No packed lunches and sleep ins have been good too.

But I’ll bake you mini souffle’s

For your lunchbox rise at 5 a.m

If it means peace and quiet would ensue.

Oh holidays – school holidays,

I’m hungry Mum, What can we play?

You can’t be bored or discontent,

You’ve got all those Christmas presents,

 And you just ate – am I your mother or your slave?

Travelling by car with you is wonderful,

Especially when I stuff my ears with cotton wool,

Please no more furby chitter-chat,

Don’t hit your sister I saw that,

And don’t tell me you didn’t fart I know that’s bull.

Long pyjama days are great once in a while,

But there’s a chance by now I’ve lost all sense of style.

Can we eat something instead of a sausage wrapped in bread

And when I say smile for the camera I mean SMILE.

Oh holidays – school holidays,

Monopoly and disarray,

Someone keeps moving the scissors,

Someone else has done a whizzer

In the clean washing – I have a right to say

Oh holidays – school holidays

You are ending I say “hooray!”

Well a decent education

Does deserve a celebration

And I love them more when they’ve been out all day.

Oh holidays – school holidays,

I do love you I have to say,

But I’m over washing towels,

And like the habits of one’s bowels

We all do well for some routine is that okay?


Oh holidays, now that it’s crunch time –

Truth be told I’m not feeling so fine.

My baby is starting kinder

And I feel a little tender

She asked, “who will wipe my bum mum?”

That saw me completely undone

I’ll be clinging to her leg and she’ll be fine.

Ok done. Now I have cleared my mind in readiness for a super-brainy and informative Megoracle year.

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