I’m sorry for being grumpy.

Now I feel all lumpy

In my throat with sobs,

That heat my eyes and throb,

Against my chest I hold,

My tongue and I unfold,

My arms to you, to mend

But too late, you won’t bend.

The evening now is ruined,

And I see I am fluent,

In the secret language

Of  ‘tip him off the edge’.


Just know that nothing works or seems

Useful, nice, worthy of dreams

When I don’t have my best friend

To approve, love, kiss, depend

On to lead me from the wood,

Nothing now seems any good.

When you frown at me I fall,

Into a dumb and useless ball.

When you smile and laugh with me

I am the best that I can be.


So you see,

I should be,

So very


But I’m not

‘Cause you forgot,

To say that you

Are sorry too.

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