The Christmas Song

To all my dear Megoracle supporters, friends and followers,

2012 isn’t over yet and there may well be more from me this year but I just want to take the opportunity to thank you for supporting me and my lil’ old blog over the last 12 months (in case I get overwhelmed by the needs of my family and the mayhem that is year’s end). I’ve really and truly had a wonderful time with you all (except the person who disliked The Angry Song, but of course you are entitled to your opinion just that it was a small wound to the heart and I’ll put it down to the fact that I said FUCK).

Many thanks for all your comments, corrections, suggestions and requests – keep ’em, coming. Yes negative ones too, my heart mends.

A very Merry Christmas to you all (or holiday season, whichever suits you better). I will continue with the brain reboot process into 2013 – who knows what will pop out.

You’re all brilliant. Keep on being so.

I have made a Christmas present for you. Like all handmade presents, it is a little, well home made in parts (mainly the video – I thought I could improve on The Angry Song video but evidently not). And speaking of The Angry Song, I am overwhelmed by its reception – not in a million years did I imagine that so many people would watch it, share it and relate to it. I have had a few requests for another song and I am very happy to oblige, but I’m not sure I can ever replicate the chord I struck with The Angry Song. I am not a musician (I can’t read notes or draw a treble clef) and I have no idea what I’m doing when I think up songs, so if this doesn’t resonate as much as my previous ones, then please remember these facts and go easy on me. The main thing is I’m really enjoying making them and will just keep doing it until everyone is thoroughly sick of me probably. There are a few brewing away, and you can tune in or not just like any other blog post.  Anyway, I’m nervous, does it show? …

The good bits of this one are mostly by an awesome little crew which pulled together on short notice and made this song their own. They are listed in the credits after the song but in case you are utterly disgusted and don’t get that far…

The Christmas Song was produced by the very patient and brilliant Caleb Miller of Mac40 Music Hobart  and directed and mixed by the gorgeous Arabella Wain (who also plays most of the instruments – strings, tubular bells, celesta, piano, sleigh bells, drums, vibraphone… I know, sickeningly talented). They had a bit of help from the mysterious  Brian Woten on bass guitar (mysterious only because I haven’t met him but also because bass guitarists are always sort of enigmatic or is that just me?), sundry cool peeps from Hobart’s Conservatorium of Music and from a passer by who provided a fart (I don’t know if this is true but it’s a good story).

Anyway, from me to you, with love and thanks, for Christmas…

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11 replies

  1. Always a hilarious performance Meg, you are very talented! Love the nose! x

  2. What great fun!

  3. Love your christmas song. Can I join you at the pub? x

  4. Yes – summed it all up in a song! Thanks! Jacsbac.

  5. Good on you Meg. Comprehensive! Posie

  6. Gold once again Meg! Can’t wait for Easter!! Xxx


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