My Home Paddock – A Lovesong

Home Paddock . Painting by Joseph Zbukvic


You’re my home paddock,

My mug of soup,

You’re my warm jamies,

My rain on the roof.

You’re when an ice cream head ache begins to ease,

When you make it to the loo in time to do wees.

You’re my silky knickers,

My new magazine,

You’re my Sunday morning,

My perfect fit jeans.

I really like sunshine, that first scent of spring,

But you are all seasons my favourite thing.


You’re that choccy bit

In the drum stick cone;

You’re my ocean view,

My passed kidney stone.

You’re that fifty dollars in my winter coat,

You’re skinny dips, back rubs and funny fart jokes.

You’re that lovely moment

When blocked ears go pop,

When Cleo shows Kate Moss

With a muffin top.

I like to do cross stitch, guitar and writing,

But really I’d do you above everything.


I know I can sometimes

Be jackjumper bites,

Or last warning phone bills

Or red traffic lights.

I’m frivolous children, a nasty toothache

And once a month I am a deadly earthquake.

But you are the hottie

I put on my tum,

My good book, my clean sheets,

My cinnamon bun.

I really like milkshakes and diamonds in rings

But you are ten carat and my favourite thing.


If you were to depart

This earth become ash,

Then life would be one great

Stinging nettle rash.

You’re so good for me I’d pop your ash in a cup

I’d steep you in water and drink you right up.

I think what I’m saying

Is I love you always

From your weird looking  toes

To your beautiful face.

If I put you on Pinterest, they’d all share my pin,

But you’re mine, all mine and my favourite thing.

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6 replies

  1. Meg, this is so beautiful, I am lost for anymore words!

  2. wow, that is truly beautiful! I’m not a great poetry reader, but that is so captivating. LOVE it!!

  3. Oh thanks so much! I woke a few times in the night thinking I’ve really gone over the weirdo mark now. Relieved to read your messages.

  4. You always manage to bring a smile to my face with your beautiful writing Meg. xx

  5. Beautiful Meg! Isn’t it wonderful to feel so much love :o). x

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