In My Dreams

I am going to write a book,

Design a fashion line,

I am going to study French,

Create a sparkling wine.

I’d really like to buy a horse

And learn to figure skate,

And oh I’d like to make a frame

From bits of broken plate.

I am going to learn to surf,

And grow a veggie patch,

Then I might see how I would do

In a boxing match.

I think I’ll do my masters

In something very smart,

And then I’ll wow the populace

With my inspiring art.

I’ll write and star in my own film,

And sew a patchwork quilt.

My house will be forever clean,

I’ll not know mother-guilt.

I will seduce my husband,

Every other day,

Home school my children,

Wax my legs

Take home enormous pay.

And oh I will be humble,

Likeable and kind.

I’ll master a souffle,

Raise money for the blind.

I’ll try to save the children,

And then maybe the whales,

I’ll hike the Himalayas.

Manicure my lawns and nails.

But first I’ll make that birthday cake,

And wipe that pooey bum,

And shit, I need to get the mail,

And telephone my mum.

Perhaps I’ll never do it all,

Who knows what comes between,

But in the end at least I know

I’ll always have my dreams.

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  1. Nice one dreamweaver and so like my head! M
    maybe we should set up a group dedicated to sitting down in a nice sunny spot with a G&T and coming up with plans to make ’em happen…after we hang out the washing for the eleventy billionth time, change the dead swamp smelling nappy, wipe the ever snotty noses ( I should have shares in kleenex by now), answer one more inane question about fairies and give a roaring round of applause for the latest interpretative dance…….

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