SPRING (makes me happy, so I wrote a poem about it)

(The metre is dodgy at times, but I figure it’s much like a Tasmanian Spring.)



A shiny, scented friend has come

To lift me from my mull.

For too long I have longed for her

Through many shades of dull.


She came with stirring, distant sounds

Of birdsong on the breeze.

Then threw her green across the lawns

And burst out in the trees.


She’s blustery and bossy,

She’s had me doing chores:

Airing corners, dusting thoughts

And opening the doors.


Oh Spring you break my heart at times

When I wake to your cold moods.

But when you’re at your gleaming best

I’d dance for you in the nude.


You’re in the wobbly legs of calves,

You’re in my children’s pep.

You’re in my mango chicken salad,

And now you’re in my step.

Categories: Stories & Poems


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