Quick Q&A – Get Brainy in a Flash!

WHAT IS JIHAD? The “Greater Jihad” is the struggle to be a better person and a better Muslim to please Allah and to achieve an harmonious society. The “lesser Jihad” is Holy War when the faith is threatened. Jihad forms the basis of Al Qaeda ideology.

WHO ARE THE TALIBAN? “Students of Islamic Knowledge Movement”. They ruled Afghanistan from 1996 until 2001 when they were ousted by the US military for their notorious treatment of women and support of terrorists (they provided training for Al Qaeda and later refuge for Osama Bin Laden).

WHAT ARE STEM CELLS? Young blood cells from which all other cells develop. They have not yet begun to specialize so they can grow into any kind of cell and have an unlimited capacity to self-renew. For this reason they serve as a kind of repair system for the body and have been researched for use in medical therapies. They are prolific in umbilical cord blood and bone marrow.

WHAT IS HEZBOLLAH? A political and militant organization based in Lebanon to fight Israel in Southern Lebanon. It is viewed by WEstern Governments as a terrorist organisation.

WHAT DOES A BEST BOY DO ON A FILM SET? He (or she) positions lights and organises power sources.

WHAT IS NEGATIVE GEARING? (Because tax befuddles and bores the bejesus out of me but I should know) When interest payments on the loan for an investment exceed the earnings from that investment, the ‘loss’ can then be deducted from taxable income, so that you end up paying less tax.

WHY DO WE SAY “DRESSED TO THE NINES”? Possibly because the British Army’s 99th regiment was renowned for its impeccable presentation. The phrase was coined by poet Robert Burns in the late 18th Century.


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