Oh come on menstruation, I know you’re on your way. Enough with all the bullshit No more warning signs okay? ~ I don’t need a goddamn pimple Or a dose of teary grumps, No more bloat or weird food cravings, No more headaches or boob lumps. ~ I know when you are coming – You don’t need to arrogate My life for weeks you nasty mole I mean I know the bloody date. ~ […]

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“We are in a new place. We just have to accept that we’ve crossed a threshold I suspect. This is what climate change looks like” – Professor David Bowman, Environmental Change Biologist, UTAS. Strewwwwwth. Every now and then I read something that makes my heart drop, my sphincters loosen and my whining, first-world-fixated trap shut the fuck up. This quote comes from a Guardian report into the bushfires that are raging […]

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You’d better like your flatties, If you’re coming to the shack, You’d better like your sauso’s And your lamb chops good and black. ~ You’d better like your screen doors With a squeak and then a bang, Your cricket match with salt And your night’s sleep filled with sand. ~  You’d better like your mornings Infused with motor oil, And your evenings spiced with smoke From the back deck mozzie […]

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Today I stood under an old mulberry tree, the same tree I stood under countless times as a child with my sister. We had allocated branches then – hers the layered ones, mine a single, sweep-down canopy. Today, instinctively, I went to my spot and ate my first mulberry of the season, descendant of those mulberries from all those summers, many summers ago. And with that beloved, sweet-sour taste, came […]

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So this year was shaping up pretty well – I won $14 in lotto on New Year’s Day, I didn’t have a hangover, and I woke up with 6 dear friends in the house. We had breakfast together, which is a lovely way to spend the first day of the year. When they left, I found that they had left a pound of bacon, half a loaf of beloved white […]

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I posted this song a while ago but then it disappeared. Maybe wordpress has some kind of moderation process in which crappy stuff gets ditched, or maybe there’s a ghostie in my laptop. Speaking of, I just that second splashed a large mouthful of wine on my keyboard, which may well contribute to misbehaving ghosties, disappearing posts and lost data. The wine is a little consolation-celebration for the beginning of the […]

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Photo by Saxon Holt for PhotoBotanic

I feel sorry for December. It’s always hurried along and full of the business of getting the year finished off roundly on top of getting prepared for Christmas and holidays and having to put on bathers. Its days are overhung by that forgotten something feeling. The younger members of the population just don’t want a bar of most of December – “How many sleeps ’til Christmas? When’s school finishing? Do […]

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Ode To The Wind


Oh wind you noisy billow, You good for nothing blust, Roughing up my willows Shushing birdsong with your gust. You bugger up my roses, You send our offspring wild, You get right up our noses, Like an irritating child. Oh wind can you please quit, Even though you dry my towels? My eyes are full of grit And my ears full of your howls. Our farm is drying out, The […]

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This bit of writing is an attempt to un-paralyse myself from a state of overwhelmedness (and apparent issues with expression). Often when I walk into the supermarket I am suddenly stopped in my tracks by a sense of ‘what was I here for?’. Even if I have a list I am assaulted by the enormous array of stuff – stuff in season, stuff on special, stuff on display, new stuff, […]

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Friday Cerebrations

house dress

Well here I am at the end of a busy week which involved driving a lot, sitting about at children’s activities and trying to get out of cooking. Nothing unusual (I am an expert in How Not To Cook and will likely one day publish a cook book about it. It will be beautiful to look at and lovely to hold, but shunned by foodies the world over. It will […]

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