Ode To The Wind


Oh wind you noisy billow, You good for nothing blust, Roughing up my willows Shushing birdsong with your gust. You bugger up my roses, You send our offspring wild, You get right up our noses, Like an irritating child. Oh wind can you please quit, Even though you dry my towels? My eyes are full of grit And my ears full of your howls. Our farm is drying out, The […]

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This bit of writing is an attempt to un-paralyse myself from a state of overwhelmedness (and apparent issues with expression). Often when I walk into the supermarket I am suddenly stopped in my tracks by a sense of ‘what was I here for?’. Even if I have a list I am assaulted by the enormous array of stuff – stuff in season, stuff on special, stuff on display, new stuff, […]

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Friday Cerebrations

house dress

Well here I am at the end of a busy week which involved driving a lot, sitting about at children’s activities and trying to get out of cooking. Nothing unusual (I am an expert in How Not To Cook and will likely one day publish a cook book about it. It will be beautiful to look at and lovely to hold, but shunned by foodies the world over. It will […]

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I have just wandered past a very old cemetery in Richmond. The gravestones are at the site of a long-gone Congregational Chapel. Many of the headstones apparently didn’t survive so there are an unknown number of unmarked graves. Not many of the people who lie here lived to be very old. If I were to work out the average age (I won’t because I am terrible at maths), I think […]

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So this evening I stood between my children and the telly and said, “You are allowed telly not because you’ve been good – you haven’t, you’ve been little bumholes ALL WEEK. You are allowed telly because I’ve been bad, I’ve been a great big bumhole, and I’m sorry.” I have been bad. Bad mother bad; which is not murderous fraudulent thievery, lying, cheatin’ bad but couldn’t be bothered to do […]

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This is pretty much how the world looks today.

I have only just returned from a holiday in the tropics which involved swimming in sublime turquoise ocean, sipping cocktails with a really good book and not having to make beds, clean or cook. But I tell you, this day – this Tuesday in the Schoolhouse with my cup of buddha’s tears and the smells of spring outside and old books inside and the sound of nothing but my keyboard […]

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Postcard from the South Pacific


Dear Everyone, I write to you from the Fiji Islands. I know. I’m a lucky bugger. I would say, “wish you were here” except that pretty much everyone appears to be here already. Which is great of course because we all want to holiday where the rest of Australia is holidaying, don’t we? Australians, in general, are such becoming and personable travel companions after all. Especially when there are buffets […]

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So there are a few reasons why Megoracle has been a bit void of intelligent material of late. A couple of them I can’t disclose (I know, mysterious hey; I love a bit of enigma) but one of them I will, even though I thought I should keep it well hidden under the guise of erudition and perspicacity (see I’m already breaking out the big words as I preempt your shrinking […]

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I know I’ve banged on about hormones before but I need to again in the hopes the very act of banging on again might get me through this month’s barrage of harrumph. Here’s my first thought when I woke to the rising run today: “Oh for God sake day, fuck OFF”. That’s when you know things are going to be a little grumpy. And then you realise it’s Tuesday which […]

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My life is generally out of (varying degrees of) control. Mostly that’s ok because the bits that are out of control are the bits that don’t concern me too much. Like the state of my car. Living on dirt roads with three farm children renders car cleaning pretty pointless. I clean it thoroughly when circumstances render de-dirting absolutely necessary, like luncheon with the Governor or something. The family photo situation […]

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